4 handed massage

A 4 handed massage is better than 2 !

Are you ready for massage schools best kept secret? Many of us during massage school had a chance to give and receive a  handed massage as part of our massage therapy training.

A four-handed massage you have 2 massage therapists working on you at the same time. This treatment is the ultimate form of relaxation for a client. At first most clients try to track each therapist individual movements and a client quickly realizes that this is too hard for your brain to keep track of and your nervous system just turns off.

The treatment can be done one of 2 ways the 2 therapist mirror each other with their movements and techniques or the therapist can be doing 2 different types of services. For example one therapist could be giving you a reflexology treatment while the other can be doing deep tissue on your back.Generally energy work, like reiki or craniosacral therapy, is not done in a 4 handed massage treatment because it is too challenge creating that quite space that is needed for effective energy work.

Can we talk?

Talking during your session is up to you. There will be a short in take session and during this time is when you let your massages therapist know if there are certain areas you would like to have worked on. And if you want to talk during your session, that is your choice. Our therapists are very comfortable working in silence.

How can I book?

To book your four handed massage you can either book online, but you need to book with 2 massage therapists at the same time. Or you can call the office at 774-261-8484. When you call to book please let us know if you prefer Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. You can even mix it up and have a combo of Swedish and Deep tissue!