doTERRA Migraine Remedies 

For doTERRA migraine remedies I reached out to my fellow doTERRA IPC’s for their go to oils for migraine relief and I was given a lot of great suggestions.

These are just suggestion you may need to do a bit of playing around to find what works best for you, but at least here it could get you started in the right direction.

When it comes to migraines I think the best place to start is to get a good idea what your triggers are. And for starters keep a food and stress journal for about 6 weeks, I want you to track all your habits so you can pin point exactly what those triggers are. The best migraine cure is prevention, but as we all know migraines can be unpredictable suckers! And many of the prescription drugs that are given to you by your doctor can make it difficult for you to function. There are some people that need to stay in bed for a couple of days to recover. And that can be very challenging when you have a family.

How does doTERRA fit in? Many people have had great success with using essential oils to cut those migraines right at the pass. So here are some great suggestions from other doTERRA IPC’s.

The blend PastTense is always a good place to start. You roll it on your temples, across your forehead and even the back of your neck. And you keep applying till the headache is gone. But if PastTense isn’t working you can put a drop of Frankincense on your finger and massage it onto the roof of your mouth. The homeopathic remedy arnica is also another good option under your tongue.  

If you need other oils to try Melissa, black pepper, oregano, and digest zen. 2 drop each in a gel cap at the first sign of a migraine can give you instant relief.

And to help with the pain down the neck and shoulders deep blue rub mixed with AromaTouch blend can really help can calm that inflammation.

For women that have more hormonal type migraines using doTERRA blend Solace daily will help to keep your hormones balanced throughout the month.

Other oils to try are lavender, sandalwood, and the blend Balance. Just play around and see what works  for you.

And if you are really struggling with finding what works for you try to find a practitioner that has a Zyto Scan.  

Do you have a favorite doTERRA migraine remedy? I would love it if you would share your favorite oils in the comment box below.  

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