doTERRA Essential Oils

Gift of the Earth

I am over the moon excited as I am typing this. After months of searching I finally found a product I want to carry in the office. doTERRA carries 100% pure essential oils. That means no fillers and the oils are distilled from plants that grow in their native region. These oils are food grade that means they are safe to take orally. You can add the lemon essential oil to your water or tea. Or make a salad dressing with cilantro oil. The sky’s the limit.

What is aromatherapy any ways? Essential oils have been used for centuries some of the first written medical text show that the Egyptians commonly used oils as a part of their medicine.  Most people are familiar with using essential oils on the skin. Early on ancient people realized that everything you put on your skin makes it into the blood stream, which makes them a great addition to your massage. Massaging these powerful oils into your skin, gives the client maximum health benefit.  

Aromatherapy is now going to be a free addition to your session. Just let me know if there are smells that you prefer over others. We will have a wide range of singular oils like lavender along with a few blends such as OnGuard, which is a part of doTERRA immune system boosting line.

What sets these oils a part from other brands. Plants are harvested in their native environment. This insures the oils are the most effective. And the same plant can be harvested in different areas of the world, but the oil can affect the body in a different way.

I also off the AromaTouch Technique, which is a therapeutic application of the essential oils. This treatment takes about an hour 

Interested in buying?

There are 2 ways to buy from myself if you would like to use these products in your home. You can either buy from the online store or you can buy in our office. Starting in January 2013 we will be carrying a few of these products for retail.   

Best value for your hard earned dollars is to open a wholesale account, with an enrollment kit. Then you will be saving yourself 25%. And when you join the loyalty rewards program you earn 10% - 30% cash back point towards earning free products.