Essential oils helped with my sons ADHD

by Stephen D.
(Grafton, MA.)

I went to Jess Weagle because I see her posts all the time about the oils she has and what they can be used for. One day I spotted a post about an oil blend called Focus Blend and it is used to help the brain focus. My 14yr old son has ADHD and has been on Aderall (which is pure amphetamine) since he was 6 for treatment of his ADHD. I hate the idea of having to pollute my sons body with pharmaceuticals so I talked to Jess and decided to try this oil blend.


My son says it helps more than the meds did and he is able to stay focused in school and home when he does his homework. To any who read this I strongly encourage you to talk to Jess and try these great oils and stop polluting your body or the body of the ones you love.

Jess is truly an Artist in her craft and knows her business. I am also using black pepper oil for myself to help with Renauds and it too works wonders. Please talk to Jess and let her help you too!!!

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