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June Newsletter
June 01, 2013

Yard Work

We are now finally able to enjoy the warm weather. But this is your public service announcement that you need to be careful when working out in the yard.

Make sure that you are not twisting your body in weird positions to cut branches, pulling weeds etc. Twisting wrong and trying to pull is a recipe for disaster and you are asking to get hurt. My yard working tip. Make sure your body is straight as you can be.

That way your muscle don't have to work too hard doing a job they weren't designed for.

I am running again

If you are on my facebook page you have learned that I have started running again. This year I really want to get into better shape and running was something I use to like to do pre Hannah.

I have been taking my own advice that I tell people all the time. Make sure you stretch, don't run on a hard surface too much and pay attention to ground so you don't trip on a pot hole !

I have also added Wild Orange essential oil to my water to help with muscle cramps.

And I am happy to say that my body feel great I have had very little muscle soreness and cramping since I started in March.

I've got an oil for that

Melissa aka lemon balm is one of the most expensive essential oils on the market and that because lemon balm doesn't have a high yield of oil. It is also know to be the most counterfeited oil as well. And if you find a bottle that is "cheap" chances are it isn't pure which greatly reduces it therapeutic benefits.

One application of Melissa on a herpes simplex sore has been proven to put the virus in remission. Melissa oil is a very powerful anti-viral. Which is why it's important to know if the bottle is made from 100% lemon balm.

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