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November 20, 2013


With the 50% off sale just around the corner, December 7 - 14. I want to make sure as many people know, that I will not be taking gift card phone orders.

As this sale has grown leaps and bounds over the years. Phone orders have grown to be a challenge. So to make my life easier you will only be able to buy from the sale via my website and use the special promo code or in person.

I am also toning down the marketing of this sale as well. The sale will only be announce through my email newsletter, facebook fan page and twitter.

So please make sure that your friends and family are aware of this.

This and That

There is going to be a new kid in town.....

Dr. Karen Griffin, DC (chiropractor)

She will be moving into the back of the building, and I am really excited to have her in the same building with me (-:

Now I can just walk down stairs for my adjustments.

She will be ready for business Tues Nov 26th and if you would like to book an adjustment please call her office at 508-835-8833.

Dr. Griffin is going to be a wonderful addition to our happy little crew !

I've got an oil for that


It common properties are :



It's uses:

Low Libido

Pelvic Pain Syndrome Digestion Problems



When use in a diffuser it can help boost your energy, and can help change your though patterns on love, money, & courage.

This is a hot oil so if you are using on children under the age of 6 dilute with a carrier oil really well.

How To Buy Product I carry some of the doTERRA products in my office

I can add what every you want to my monthly order if you let me know by the 11th of the month

You can buy from my online store at

Make an Online Appointment

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