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Ready for Spring Yet?
March 14, 2013

Spring is just around the corner!

Don't know about you but I am ready for Spring to show up fast. I think mother nature is playing a dirty trick on us. We have been lucky with not having much snow all winter, then February/March hits an bam we get bumped with snow!That's New England for you.

I vote that next winter we all migrate to some place warm for the winter. If money, life, work, kids, etc. weren't an issue where would you like to spend your winters?

Do my hands hurt?

Do my hands hurt after a long day of massages, is a common question that I get asked on a daily basis.

And the answer is no. Massage therapy is all about how you use your body, the pressure you feel is coming all the way from the tips of my toes and travels up through my body. By the time the pressure comes to my arms/hands they have very little work to do.

I also make my pressure comes from behind, which is why I lean back all the time and push forward and again all that motion come from my legs not my hands.

What does hurt after a long day of working? My feet! I do my great yoga postures to help stretch out my feet.

Now there you have it. How I can keep on working without getting hurt and how I stay pain free during my work day.

I've got an oil for that

Ear infections:

Doctors are now only using antibiotics to treat ear infections for children under the age of one or weak immune systems. Doctors are finding that children and adults with a strong immune system don't need antibiotics for ear infection. Other then taking pain medicines what can you do?

About 3 drops of basil on a cotton ball put into the ear will help draw out the infection. You can also put melaleuca around the outside of the ear and down the jaw line. And a drop of OnGuard on the roof of your mouth or in gel caps will also helps you body fight the internal infection.

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