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Trigger Point Ninja
January 10, 2013

Trigger Point Ninja

Trigger Point Ninja is this really creative web show about trigger point. Enjoy learning about how to blast away those trigger point.

Make your own hairspray

Have an allergy to hairspray? Here is a very simple recipe to hairspray that adds hold and shine. Want to have volume? Just change the sugar to salt. And if you would like to add a scent just add a drop of your favorite essential oil.

1 cup nearly boiled water

4 tsp sugar

Mix and pur into a fine mist spray bottle

spray , wait 30 seconds to dry, spray again.

stronger? add more sugar

Weaker? add less sugar

I've got an oil for that

Looking to try to quite smoking? Guess what??? I have an oil for that ! Black pepper essential oil can help with the craving and reduce the side effects from trying to quite.

How to use:

You can either put a few drops on a cotton ball and breath in the oil every time you crave a cigarette. Or you can breath in the oil right out of the bottle.

And after you have kicked the habit you can use the black pepper oil to cook with.

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