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I've got an oil for that
December 21, 2012

I've got an oil for that

"I've got an oil for that" is going to be a weekly section in our newsletter highlighting the therapeutic benefits of the doTERRA essentials oils that we are carrying.

With weight loss being a big goal for the New Year, I thought I would start off with Slim and Sassy. The Slim and Sassy oil helps curve those sugar cravings and is an appetite suppressant. How to use:

5 drops in water 5 times a day. You simply add to a PBA free bottle. ( Remember the oils break down petroleum products) you may also apply Slim and Sassy topically to problem areas. IE love handles around the belly, etc. You must consume plenty of water as the Slim and Sassy is working to push toxins and cellulite out of your system and the water helps to facilitate the process.

We will have a few bottles on hand in the waiting area or you cn buy via our online store


I am getting much needed R&R this holiday week. I will be on vacation from December 24 - January 1. I will be back to work on January 2.

All phone calls, emails, text messages etc will be returned my first week back.

Have a great holiday everyone. And see you in 2013 !

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