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NY here I come
September 13, 2012

Green Cleaning

On the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 Holistic Moms Worcester Chapter meets at the West Boylston library. And this months meets was rather interesting we learned how to make our own green cleaning products by the author of The Joy of Green Cleaning

Not only are you saving a lot of money by making your own cleaning products, but you know what's in them. Here is the anti bacterial all purpose cleaning we learned how to make.

Get yourself a coloured spray bottle

- Fill it half way with white vinegar

- Then add a 1/4 of the bottle with rubbing alcohol and 1/4 of the bottle with hydrogen peroxide

- add about 10 drops of tea tree oil

- 8 drops of your favourite essential oil for smell

- shake a little and you are now ready to clean on kill those germs in your home.


While I am away in NY Christine Bemish in be in town from Colorado and she practices AtlasProfilax. If you have question about her service please contact her directly. 802-274-1130

Christine Bemish will be offering AtlasProfilax treatment Friday September 14 and Saturday September 15 at our offices. This is chair neck massage to correct alignment of the first neck bone (the atlas) on the skull (the cranium). Treatment takes approximately 1/2 hour and the fee is $250 for two treatments - the iniial one and a check treatment the next time Christine is in town (approx 4-6 months from now); contact Christine directly 802-274-1130 to set up an appointment.


I am now on my way to the New England Dressage championship in NY. See you when I get back to work on Tuesday September 18

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