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Score. Another feather in my cap
December 05, 2012

Myofascial Release Certified

After 3 long weekends of training and a month of study. I finally achieved my 2 year goal. I am now certified in myofascial release!

It was a written and hands on exam and I passed with flying color. I want to say that to all my wonderful clients who have book myofascial work with me all that practice paid off!

And I also want to thank everyone that sent me wonderful notes on Facebook and email. It really means a lot to me (-:

Get up and Move !

Get up and Move!. This is what research has shown to help reducing the risk of heart disease. People who is 6+ hours a day at work have been shown to be at high risk for many health problems. Get up and Move! needs to be your new mantra at work your long term health depends on it.

50% off Sale

Our annual 50 % off gift card sale kicks off on December 16 - 23 so make sure you mark your calendar. This is a very popular sale that we offer every year as a thank you for being such a loyal client to us through out the year. There is no limit to the amount of gift cards you can buy yourself.

Make sure you tell your family and friends that you want a gift card from us as your stocking stuffer.

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