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What a great training
October 05, 2012

Last weeks training

In last myofascial training with Howard Rontal was bitter sweet for me. This has been a 2 year goal for myself and now I am done. In the last class we learn 24 new techniques to help correct posture. And on the last day of class we had 2 models that we used to apply our newly learn techniques to real life. What a great way to end the class. It was such a trip having 6 great massage therapists trouble shoot on one client.

Our 2 models where such brave souls to allow 6 strangers to work on them at the same time.

What's on the list for my education now? I am actually going to be taking a break from the hands on classes and I am going to be focusing on classes now to help me build my business.

Don't forget to book with Shari

Welcome to Shari Roberts our newest addition to our group. Some of you may have meet her already. She did her intern-ship with us. To help her get busy right off the bat there will be a special just for her. A one hour massage will be just $45 with Shari from October 1 - November 1. If you are booking online just book under "Fall Special"

Wednesday 10 am - 7 pm

Thursday 9 am - 3:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday 9 am - 4 pm

Book the perfect date

At a loss for the perfect date. A couples massage can that perfect romantic date. And that special lady in your life will think you are the most romantic man in town for thinking of such an out of the box date.

Just call us at 774-261-8484 or book on-line

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