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Another way to save money
December 26, 2012

Make your own laundry soap

I actually made this soap and I have been using it for about a week now and it works great! And it's perfect if you have an HE washing machine.

If you make it as well let me know what you think.


I am in the middle of my vacation right now. And I am enjoying my much needed break. Thank you to everyone for a great 2012. See you when I get back in the new year. Have a great holiday everyone.

I've got an oil for that

"OnGuard" is doTERRA's cold and flu oil. To use: At the first sign of a cold rub the oil on the bottoms of your feet 3x's a day, add 2 drops in a cup of warm water with a dash of honey as a tea.

And if the clod/flu bug is going around the office you can put "OnGuard" in a diffuser, this will kill those nasty germs in the air.

Starting in January we will have some of the doTERRA products for you to buy in the waiting area.

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