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The tipping point
November 09, 2012


A few of you have been asking about tipping. We never want you to feel like you must tip. The greatest tip you can give is sending us referrals.

It is much more important to us that you make massage a part of your health and well being.

Winter Specials

For the first time ever we are running 3 specials at the same time !

1 hr. ~ $49.99

75 minute ~ $64.99

1.5 hr. ~ $79.99

All you need to do is book online and book under Fall/Winter Sale. These special prices will be in effect till the New Year.


Ice is one of nature's best anti-inflammatory's. We have been seeing a lot of clients who have been coming in with acute pain conditions. After a very area focused session you are very likely to be sore after session due to the rapid changes in your soft tissue.

In order a avoid this as soon as you can put an ice pack (frozen pea's work really well) on the area that has been worked. Keep the ice pack on for 20 minutes, allow the area to warm up to room temp, then you can place the ice pack on the area again.

If you are having acute pain stay away from the heat packs because you are already having to much blood flow to one area and the heat just increase your circulation too much. You need to put out the fire.

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