Massage Packages

At Deep Relief Massage Therapy our mission is to keep your body healthy. And one of the ways we promote whole body health is through regular massages. We now that getting on a regular massage routine is a challenge for lots of people.

Buying one of our massage packages is a great way to get you into the habit of taking care of your body. Not only does buying one of our packages save you money, but it puts you in a position where you have to use what you have paid for.

What are the packages we offer?

You can pick one of 3 packages

  • (4) 1 hour massages - $200
  • (4) 1.5 hour massage - $320
  • Unlimited Massage Package - $280 a month

Our 4 packs of massages were designed to give people a chance to have enough bodywork so they can experience how beneficial our massage techniques are and to get you into the habit of getting a regular massage. The 4 packs are a great way to save you a little money without a big time commitment because you have 4 months to use your 4 massages.

The unlimited massage package is for the clients who suffers from chronic pain and is in great need for a lot of massages in a short amount of time. This package can have a big time commitment for some clients. You do need to pre-book all of your sessions for the month, and this package does expire 30 days from the date of purchase so it is really important you know your schedule as there are no refunds.

We take all major credit cards; flex spending card, cash, and checks. And if you have any more questions about our packages please feel free to call the office at 774-261-8484. Our mission at Deep Relief Massage Therapy is to help clients live a pain free life