Unlimited Massage Package

If you are in chronic pain or over stressed at work than Deep Relief Massage Therapy has a great package to solve that problem for you…Unlimited Massages!

The Unlimited Massage Package is the perfect solution for the ultimate massage addict! How does this package work?

On the date of purchase you must pre book all of your massages for the month. And you must do your best not to cancel and try to rebook because we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get you in for a make-up session. And the package does expire 30 days after the date of purchase. So please make sure that you can commit to this type of package. There are no refunds.

This package is a steal at $280 for one month of unlimited massages!

Clients often ask does this mean I can come in as much as I want and the answer is yes you can. However we have learned from past experience that clients who booked more than 2 massages a week have a hard time keeping their appointments. So we suggest (2) one hour massages a week or (1) 90 minute massage a week. Bring us your over stressed and over tired body.

This is the perfect package to get you in the habit of a regular massage habit. And your family members and coworkers will notice that you are in a much better mood. And you will be able to thank massage therapy for helping make your life a little easier to deal with. If you have any more questions please call the office at 774-261-8484 and one of the staff members from Deep Relief Massage Therapy will be happy to take the time to help you decide if this is the right massage package for your massage therapy needs.

You cannot use the unlimited massage package towards couples and 2 hour massages. Jess takes clients who are interested in this package on a limited basis.