2013 a year in review 

2013 was such a great year for me in business and personal growth. I spent the entire year diving into business and stretch my mind on how to grow a better more efficient business.

I started of the year by stepping out of my comfort zone and carrying retail. And I spent months exploring all my options and really thinking about the image I wanted to give my business. I finally decided to go with an essential oil network marketing .And my gut has proven to be correct on my choice!

Essential oils  have forced me to step out of my comfort zone and stretch my reach in the community. If you told me 2 years ago I would be teaching a 10 week course on how to use essential oils, that I came up with the course outline on my own. I would have told you, you are CRAZY ! I never saw myself really ever teaching, but I am now. I am having a lot of fun doing something different.

Essential oils have given me the tools to offer clients they need in order take care of their health at home. By reducing medication, and trips to the doctor.

Since I have taken on more space and having people work under me. I have had to do a lot of playing around with how this part of my business. And my heart just isn’t filled with joy when I have people working under me and paying them a commission.

This gave me a lot of stress and worries. Frankly much too hard for me to manage while I am still seeing clients full time. Solution ? Change over to people who pay be flat rent every month. This takes a lot of worry off my shoulders and I know how much money I will be paid every month.

What’s on the plate for 2014? Well I have rearrange the office space to I can have more renters in my office. The universe was giving me little hints that it needed to be done, so I listened. I am still going to be working building my business and keep expanding my reach within the community.

I am really excited for the start of 2014; it’s going to be a wonderful year.

Share with me in the comment box below the changes you will be making for the New Year.