Myofascial Release

Let’s start off with what is a myofascial release (MRF) ? The fascia is actually a tissue that is inter woven with your muscles and actually makes up around 40% of muscle weight. MFR helps alleviate the pain in your muscles. This massage releases and relaxes your muscles to alleviate the pain. But before we get in to deep, remember this is a clothed treatment. There are no oils used so if you are considering this, remember to wear comfortable clothes and for women a sports bra.

Myofascial helps to relieve pain, lighten your mood and alleviate pain and stress. I'm sure you’re wondering how it does all that. Well everyone gets stressed out and massage helps relieve that because it’s relaxing, so when your less stressed you feel better and you’re happier. Sore or injured muscles hurt; we all know that and message helps to alleviate the pain. When your muscles relax the pain goes away. The actual treatment consists of stretching the muscles and some massage, so it’s a bit different then a regular massage.

This treatment promotes the healing process of the muscles and opens them up, giving you a full range of motion. The myofascial release sessions lasts about an hour and relieves your whole body of tension.

We suggest that women wear a sports bra during this treatment and remember to dress comfortable. Jeans are not a good idea. Remember there is no oil or lotion used during this massage. So keep all this in mind when you decide to book an appointment with your massage therapist.

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