An alternative to surgery for those suffering from adhesions/pain!!!!

by Leigh G
(Sterling, MA)

I've suffered years of pain and half dozen specialists, all sorts of endless testing only to find out I had adhesions, grade 3-4 endometriosis and ovarian cysts...

In 2-3 year have suffered through 4 surgeries hoping and praying that I wasn't going to be couch bound for the rest of my life...Doctors and specialists have NEVER given me any other options other than SURGERY! Well what they failed to tell me was that each surgery creates more and thicker adhesions... and worse pain and more suffering :(

I wanted to find a NON surgical treatment for help...the myofascial release therapy is the treatment of choice and I was lucky enough to find Jessica right in the next town over!! THANKFULLY for me because ... I'm a "work in progress".

I have my ups and downs, good days and bad - but I'm determined and so is Jessica to get me better!

I think I'm well on my way thanks to her hard work... I have started (after so many years I can't remember ever feeling good :( ) to feel a bit better!

I've referred one of my business associates as she suffers horrible migraines and she too, was happy with Jessica's therapy and CAN FIX YOU attitude...

Counting myself thankful that I found Jess and would recommend her to anyone suffering from the painful debilitating pain of adhesions and endometriosis :(

Make and appt. and go see her... so much better than more surgery!!!

Leigh G. - Sterling MA

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