Benefits of Meditaion

The benefits of meditation are wide and vast. And I have been a student of meditation since I was 20 years old. My practice has really helped me achieve goals and supported me through some very tough times in my life.

A daily meditation practice really helps you to step outside of yourself and helps you to open you mind. Clear all the mental clutter, which is going to help you think clearer. A long term practice helps to calm your spirit so you can make much better life decisions.

But don’t limit yourself to the mental health benefits. There is also plenty of physical benefits as well. You can really speed up your physical healing process by tuning into your cells and asking your spirit guides to help you release those physical blocks. Many of us experience physical challenges due to a kink in our energetic body.

Now that you have an idea of the short list of the benefits of meditation. Where does one begin? I personally like having meditation music playing to help keeping my mind from wondering. I am a fan of music from Kelly Howell - Brain Sync. She has lots to pick from and I just download onto my Iphone. Tip >>> To get the greatest benefit from Kelly’s music you need to use headphones. Or you can find lots of free meditation music on Youtube.

I personally like to meditate right before bed. The important thing is you are comfortable position and have a quite space. Once I am all cozy in my bed covered with blankets I start by doing deep breathing to expand my energetic body. I start by expanding my energy to fill my bed, then I fill my bedroom, next my house, on to my yard, next the town I live in, now I live the state, on to the whole USA, move along to North America and finally I expand my energetic body into space.

This technique may take some time to master, but keep at it. As long as you get yourself to a point where you are in a deep relaxed state your body and begin to heal itself. Once you have reached that deeply relax feeling, your body will be heavy, I ask my spirit healers to scan my body.

This is where the magic happens. It is such a beautiful feeling to have your body expand on a energetic level. Just go with the flow and allow your spirit healers to do their job. Don’t be nervous or scared, they are here to help you heal.