Book her Dano !!

by Martin
(West Boylston)

Where to start. i threw my back out a number of years ago back in Scotland, dislocated a disc and could only ever get relief from chiropractic visits.

However finding a good one of those is difficult in my experience, getting someone with the skill in their hands who doesn't rely on the use of an activator has proven elusive to me here in the USA and so I tend to suffer for it.

Rather that deal with people I don't trust my spine to I ended up walking around with back muscles tight as a tourniquet. I would wake up during the night with my neck and shoulders pounding, aching. At work I'd go all day long with the same thing, taking tension relief tablets which did nothing except mask things a little. I even tried muscle relaxers which would knock me out and make me drowsy and sluggish the next day.

I am a musician as well as having a day job, moving equipment to shows and playing for 3 hours or rehearsingo for 3 hours at a time takes its toll. The weight of a guitar and that posture often exasperates the problem.

So after months and months of procrastinating I decided to try getting a massage for some relief and I am so glad I followed through.

For the first time in years I feel loose, no pain or tension and a good night’s sleep.

I could go on and on about how great Jess is but other people here have explained better than I can.

All I will say is if like me you're wondering if you should spend the money or if it will help, quit worrying about it and just book won't be feeling worse by the end of it I assure you.

I plan on coming back as often as I can, I can't believe I put it off for so long. For the price of a decent bottle of fine single malt I can get relief that lasts for a long time, well worth it.

Jess has the ability to home in on the knots and really work them deep, it's utterly sublime.

Any other musicians out there, violin players, guitar players , drummers, keyboard players etc. if you have similar issues with tension and you're looking for relief this is the place to come. Take it from me, a musician of 30 plus years, it's so worth it !!

Lead Guitar player
Gilmour's Breakfast.

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