Changing with the times 

We  are at a time in history where we must be willing to change with the times. Multiple first world crutches have been taken away from us.  And we as a society have been put into a position where we need to learn to adapt to this new normal. We are having to learn to get back to basics. Just the seemingly simple act of shopping isn't what it used to be anymore, we just can’t go to the store to get whatever we want. Stores are currently telling us what’s essential, and when we’re allowed to enter. 

Our children and educators are now having to learn together about online learning. Parents also are learning how to navigate self learning for their children. These are the life skills that breed success in young minds. And parents need to take the pressure off themselves by trying to teach their kids “perfectly” . Don't underestimate the value of learning how to plan/cook a meal. Going on YouTube and learning how to give a haircut. How to compost food scraps. The possibilities of learning a new skill are endless. What all these things is learning how to identify a need and how to find the answers on filling that need. 

People like myself who enjoy fitness are having to learn how to be creative. I’ve embraced at home workouts with Les Mills on demand. Can’t be a part of group runs anymore, so I’m working on my mental strength to run a solo ½ marathon. The weights I have are limited, so I’ve found alternatives around my home.You don’t need anything fancy to get in shape. It’s amazing how a backpack with rocks from the yard is a wonderful alternative for a squat bar. You just need to get your creative juices flowing. 

As a small business owner I’m preparing myself for the changes that will need to take place. For one thing I don’t think I’ll be allowed to open till at least July if not longer. The inability to social distance brings up a few concerns going forward. What these new protocols will be yet, I’m not sure. Too many what ifs floating around among my colleagues. I generally don't do well when I don’t have all the correct facts. In the meantime I’m staying busy with an online business course. Plus figuring how to have a stream of online income. I’m hopeful for the future. And I can’t wait to get back to work.