Craniosacral therapy after surgery

I love craniosacral therapy (CST) it has some many wonderful benefits for the body ! But this blog post I am just going to highlight one. You are going to learn about craniosacral therapy after surgery (CST).

CST is such a great option for post surgery bodywork, why? It is such a gentle therapy and a well intune practitioner can feel just what your tissue needs no matter how subtle your body is talking. Yes you heard me right, your cells talk to the therapist and give cues as to what it needs at that moment. The therapist can feel where your energy is blocked.

And any surgery is very traumatic to the whole body because of the anesthesia and the actually surgery. Then you add in the swelling after and this can really throw your body way off.

So the 2 big complaints
people tend to have

After a surgery are swelling and nerve damage/loss of feeling. And CST can address both of these issue quite wonderfully.

With swelling the tissue becomes inflamed and filled with fluid as part of the healing process. CST therapist can feel right were the circulation is blocked and work on releasing that area, so the fluid has a place to drain. And just by addressing this concern often times this will also help heal the nerve damage as well. Often times nerve damage/loss of feeling is due to swelling in the surrounding tissue.

If address the swelling isn’t enough to help heal the nerves

Then the spinal column maybe the next place to get a feel for. There maybe some compression in the spine and the adjacent tissues. With some fascial unwinding can help to release the tissue and again give the body the ability to have a place for the fluid to move to so it doesn’t congest in one place.

CST is very stuttle quite work and the client who is a first timer may not feel anything at first, but that doesn’t mean changes are not happening. Usually the first time client will just notice how very relaxing the treatment is, clients become very relaxed and just sink into the table. You may not notice how the work affects you for a few days.

You also need to receive more than 1 treatment  especially for post surgery work. 1 session a week for 4 weeks is a good place to start. Getting craniosacral therapy after surgery on a regular basis while you are healing is going to greatly reduce the formation of scar tissue and help with range of motion as well.

Please make sure you share the love and pass this info along to someone you may know who can use a little extra help healing after a surgery.