craniosacral therapy for infants 

Craniosacral therapy for infants is starting to become a very popular services for parents. It’s a wonderful treatment that can help your new baby with recovering from a birth trauma or other issues that may come up in the months ahead.

Is it for your baby?

It can help any baby or child. Some of the common reason a parent maye seeking this service for their infant. A long a hard labor and delivery. This puts a lot of stress on a young life and if forceps or a vacuum has been used it can effect down the road how the cranial bones form together. Great thing is its an easy fix to align those cranial bones so that they fuse together correctly.

Colic baby and other digestion issues. When infants are young and don’t sit up on their own. The spine does not have a good curve yet and that can put stress on the nerve that controls digestion. A short craniosacral therapy session along with chiropractic care can help take the pressure off of that nerve in the back.    

If your baby has chronic ear infections a session that works to correct the sinuses, so that they can drain properly. What tends to happen the sinuses become impacted, especially during teething. This affects how effective the sinuses can drain and the fluid builds up which allows for the growth of bacteria in the ear. Opening up those sinuses will get that fluid draining right away.  

How does an infant craniosacral therapy
session work?

Fast. Sessions are short and sweet. Newborns tend to be about 15 minutes long, older children can be up to 30 minutes. The baby will lay on the table most of the time, but if your little one is fussy a parent may need to hold the baby for comfort. So during your session come prepared with favorite toys, comfort blankets, and bottles for feeding. All these things maybe used during the session to help keep the baby as calm as possible.

If your baby is fussy and crying, that’s fine. Therapists are trained to be able to tune all that out and still be effective even if your baby isn’t happy. Sometimes the fussines means your child is uncomfortable because of the changes that are happening. If that’s happening the therapist will work fast to make the proper adjustments to help your little one be as comfortable as possible.