Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy has been added to my list of services to help clients feel pain free. Cupping is a wonderful  addition to your deep tissue massage because is like having many hands working on you at the same time. Anyone can enjoy this service and is a nice change from a regular massage. The suction from the cups simulates the soft tissue in a different way by slowly un-sticking tissue and bring in extra blood flow to the area.

The type of cups that I am currently using are made from silicon. The vacuum seal is made by squeezing the cup close. These cups allow me the change the shape of the cup so I can get into tighter areas without losing suction. I am also able to change the shape and glide over different areas of the body. This helps to loosen up the skin and I am able to feel areas of tightness that I can not always get to the just my hands.

With areas that are extra tight I will leave a cup there for up to 10 minutes. The suction will slowly break up the tight tissue and bring up the old un- circulated blood to the surface. This technique of leaving cups is a nice change for clients who have very tight irritated knots. The cup is left stationary to do the work. And clients do not feel the suction loosening up the knot, like you would with a more traditional massage. The marks that are left are not a bruise and don’t hurt. Depending on how deep the suction was the marks can be seen up to 2 weeks after treatments.

If the idea of marks being left bothers you. Cupping therapy can still be done. When the cups are moved over multiple areas, marks are not left. Having the cups being moved around separates the skin and soft tissue from each other allowing the lymphatic system to work much more efficiently. This also allows for more targeting of knots. Pulling and other suction techniques over the knot break up the area faster than just using my hands.

There you have it, a quick intro to cupping therapy. You can request having the cups added to your session anytime. They are always ready and waiting to work on you. And if you are unsure if you’ll like this treatment, we can just do one area. Leave a comment below if you a question about cupping massage.