Delayed Gratification 

Delayed gratification is one of the biggest lie lessons I and learning from grabbing the bull by the horns paying extra every month toward my debt. To achieve this goal I have had to work an extra day and budget and save for anything extra. This whole new way of thinking about my money was a tough transition, but I am really enjoying this advanced planning with my money!

It is forcing me to not be impulsive, which I had a BIG problem with before. That’s how I got into debt in the first place. And now I have a bunch of envelops that I use to save my extra cash in for different activities I enjoy such as yoga class, massages and out to eat with a girlfriend.  

But on the flip side I have to say “No” a lot too. I stay away from those fun home parties so I won’t be tempted to buy. I only go out to eat once a month. I won’t go on social shopping trips. If I go to the movies then that means I can’t go out to eat that month. And the list goes on. However I always say thank you for the invite and I am honest why I can’t go. I tell people I am on a mission paying off my debt and X just isn’t in my budget at this moment.

Most people are very understanding and think it’s pretty cool how I am taking this so seriously and other’s look at me like I am just plan crazy and that’s ok. I know in 3 years I am going to be in such a great place. The idea of no consumer debt is such an exciting goal for me to reach.

I am following Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps. I am on baby step 2. Listed my debts smallest to largest. Attack the smallest debt with a vengeance. Pay minions on all the other debt.  Once that smallest debt is paid off snowball that payment into your next largest debt and just keep going. 

Taking control over my money like this has really taught me how to really enjoy delayed gratification when it comes to stuff. I am learning to work be patient and budget a little bit every week for those extra fun activities I enjoy. It’s helping be to be truly clear about what’s important and not get distracted by other people’s influence.

And this my friends has been one of the most powerful life lessons. Complete clarity when it comes to spending money.