Equine Massage

Why our equine friends need a massage.

Equine massage therapy is becoming a fast grow profession. Horse owners are beginning to see the great benefits that massage therapy can have on their horses.

Many performance horses are in need of some extra TLC due to their training. And like their humans over use can affect their performance in the show ring. The horse needs and wants to move all the time and most of the time are eager to please. It is our job the make sure that they are comfortable and their bodies are able to move freely so they are able do their job. And massage therapy can help with the strain a performance horse can experience.

Why equine massage therapy? Many horses are spending 2 + hours in a tight trailer to go to a horse show. They may get hand walked for about 20 minutes, and then they are put in a small stall a lot of the time. And the next day, it’s show time. A horse is not built to be stagnate for many hours at a time. It is all this standing around that can wreak havoc on the already tight muscles.

Short massage therapy sessions at a horse show can help get those muscles ready to move! It will also calm the horse mentally. For many horses getting on a trailer and being at a horse show is very stressful, which can a challenge to get your horse to focus on their job while trying to warm up. And a short massage session can help lower those stress hormones.

If your horse isn’t performing as well as you know they can. Think about bringing an equine massage therapist with you to the show. An equine sports massage maybe just what you need to get those blue ribbons on your stall doors.