First Massage
What to expect 

Did you know about 70% of the adult population have never had a massage before! That’s a lot of people who have know idea what they are missing. And a lot of people don’t give a massage a try because they don’t know what to expect from their first massage.

I am here to lift the veil from the massage therapy session and give you a play by play how I treat each and everyone of my clients that steps foot in my door and enjoys and hour on my table.

How to book your first massage

Many of my clients book online because that option is stated on my voicemail when you call. Online booking saves me and the client a bunch of time no playing phone tag. Just go to my calendar when you feel like and book in the comfort of your own home.

What to book

This is really an open ended question it really just depends on what your needs are. And there maybe a change in your service after going over your health history form, which is just fine. We are very accommodating to our clients.

The day of

New clients can come about 5 minutes before their first massage to fill out a health history form. If you have a lot to say then you may need to come a little sooner. This form gives your therapists a good understanding of what’s going on in your body so it’s important to be honest. You will not be judged by your life style choices. Your massage therapist is here to help you de-stress from life.

Also if you are a smoker it’s important that you please be respectful to your therapist and to the other clients in the office and not smoke 30 minutes before your appointment. Many massage therapists are non smokers themselves and being in close quarters to a smoker can bring on breathing challenges. Plus massage cream/oil also draws of the cigarette smell from your skin.

Right before we begin our session I always ask if you need to use the bathroom. There is nothing worse than having to go pee in the middle of a session! And if you are having a session longer than an hour, going to the bathroom beforehand is a really good idea.

Now to the fun part, the massage. I always ask if there are areas that you need some special attention on before we start, it’s your massage so I want to give you the best possible treatment I can.

How much to undress? That’s really up to you. I always say get undress to your comfort level. For example, if you just want you back and neck worked on then if you wanted to you could just leave on your pants. And women would need to take off their bra. You will be covered by a sheet at all times, so no worries about being exposed. Your job as a client is to enjoy your session and speak up if you would like more or less pressure. Need more info about how much a massage should hurt, check out this blog post.

After your massage

If you have had a session with a lot of focused work you maybe sore the next day. When you get home if you are feeling like your muscle are getting tight, then I suggest putting an ice pack on the area to help calm down the inflammation. And doing some gentle yoga stretches will help to keep the area loose as well. And if you have had a relaxation type of session, then enjoy a great night sleep. You will feel fantastic the next day.

There you have it a play by play on what to expect during your first massage. Now that you know what will be taking place, what are you waiting for? Book a massage!