Forced to change

Why I opened my current office

We have all had a moment or 2 in our life that just sucks! And most of us have either been laid off or fired from our job. And that can really put a damper on your self-esteem. I was fired from my last job and instead of feeling sorry for myself I dusted myself off and open up my own business. I had been working as a massage therapist for other business for about 8 years and I just wasn’t happy working for other people anyways. I always had clients telling me I should go out and open my own place, but I was always saying that it would cost me too much money to get started. Being a business owner isn’t for me. I was giving all these excuses as to why I wasn’t branching out on my own.

But the universe has a sense of humor, I think. In hind sight I have always been meant to be my own boss that has been the big plan for me all along. And I kept not listening to the signs that were given to me that I needed to cut the employment cord. Well one day I was forced to listen! I got fired. Boy did that get my attention. And I wasted no time opening up my own business I had massage clients wondering what my next move was going to be. So I had to think fast before people forgot about me.

When life gives you lemons
You made lemonade 

Within 3 weeks (August 10, 2009 opened) I found a 1 room office saved enough money for first and last month’s rent, raided my mother’s garage and basement for office furniture and hung my shingle letting people know I was open. And with a little effort I became the American dream of becoming a small business owner. It’s a scary feeling looking at an empty calendar and knowing I have rent to pay on office space along with my other bills. Knowing I have this financial obligation now for a year force me to get my sh*% together and do what I needed to do to get clients on my table and get the bills paid. I did every month and I got busier every month and that’s a really wonderful feeling know that I did all of this all by myself. And clients are coming back time and time again because of my marketing and services.

Now I have expanded my office and have another massage therapists renting in my office as well.  All of these wonderful changes would not have never happened if I hadn’t gotten fired. And for that I will always be grateful for that life changing event.

Have you changed around a crappy life event into something great? I would love to hear your story. Sometimes we need to have the rug pulled right from under us to put us on the correct path. And my story is a classic example.