Green Smoothie Recipe
Quick, Easy & Yummy !

I came up with a great green smoothie recipe I found that the shake needed a little extra help, as I was finding that it wasn't filling enough for me and I was always hungry. And I also wasn't a big fan of the taste and texture either, kind of chalking tasting for me.

Here is a recipe that I have found that has work well for myself. You can adjust for your taste, the ingredients don't have to be perfect. 


  • Blender
  • 1/2 chopped frozen banana
  • 1 palm full of frozen blue berries
  • 1 palm full of frozen black cherries 
  • 2 handful's of baby spinach or kale
  • 1 1/2 cup of vanilla unsweetened almond milk
  • LifePlus vegan protein powder 

Mix all the ingredients together in the blender. And keep the blender going till everything is chopped up and mixed together. 

If berries are out of season and cost a lot of money then you can replace them with frozen. I promise the smoothie with taste just as good.

This smoothie makes a great mid morning/afternoon snack or it could be your breakfast. Since I have doctored up the shake I am finding it far more filling and tasty. And the leafy greens are a great source of calcium, which is far better then any calcium supplement that you can buy.  

I have also found the teaspoon of organic cold press coconut oil adds the good saturated fat and makes the shake more filling. 

When you have tried this green smoothie recipe stop by and leave me a comment below and tell me how you liked it and if you changed any of the ingredients. I would love to hear what's working for you on your journey to get healthy.

Holiday Flare 

For the holidays use

Mix it all together in a blender and you will have a yummy holiday treat ! 

Brain Food Smoothie 

Mix everything together in your blender and enjoy!