Groupon Massage Voucher

Groupon massage voucher, Amazon Local, and Living Social, can be a great option to find a new massage therapist in your area. These sites give you as a client a chance to try a new therapist at a discount price. Generally at least 50% off of the regular rate.

If you choose to go this route, it is very important to read the voucher very carefully! Many therapists run these types of deals because they are looking to get some extra exposure for a certain type of service.

Many of my colleagues offer other services then just massage. The deal maybe for a certain type of energy work (Reiki or Polarity) or even a mini body treatment (like mud wrap or body polish). Don’t assume the voucher is for a massage till you read what exactly the voucher is for.

And if you don’t understand what the voucher service is for call or email the therapist asking to explain a little bit better before you buy. Once you are armed with more information then you can decide if it’s a service that's a good match for you massage therapy needs. Also keep in mind that you are going to have to wait for an appointment. With these social buying sites a lot of vouchers are sold.  It’s a good idea to ask before you buy how long it’s going to take to get an appointment.

Might be even worth checking online for reviews on a site such as Yelp. Reviews help you understand more about the type of therapist who is running the deal you are interested in. Reviews can give you insight about the location, parking, noise level of the space etc.

I ask you to please be patient, the therapist is doing the best they can to be able to fit everyone in.  To save on phone or email tag, book your appointment online. Most therapists are offering this option now, which is a great time saver for everyone! If you are booking online make sure you book under the correct service. Most therapist require that you give your voucher number when you book, so have that number handy. And at your appointment make sure you print out or have your voucher ready on your phone. It just saves a lot of time for your therapist to redeem that voucher number.   

Hopefully these Groupon massage voucher tips are going to help you have a great new massage therapy experience!