Healthy Food 

Healthy food topic has many different options on what it means to actually have a well-balanced diet. I am no expert in the science behind food. But I have spent a lot of my adult life experimenting with what foods help by body and mind feel good.

Most of my life I have struggled with fatigue, headaches, skin issues and anxiety. All of I have learned are very much tied to what I am eating and how it affects my digestive track.

Here’s what I have been eating so far that seems to work well for as long as I stick to the program. Eating lots of raw fruits and vegetable. All types of animal protein.  Very little carbs such as rice, grain and potatoes.

I don’t like to make my food choices too complicated. Stresses me out and food isn’t so post to require too much thinking in my option.

 Keep processed food in check. It’s loaded with sugar and many other fillers to give a longer shelf life and to make food prep easy/quick. What do I mean by processed food? Boxed cereal, tomato sauce, quick oats, salad dressings etc. Your body burns through the energy faster, so you will need to eat more. Which can pack on the pounds and spend too much time in your lower intestines.

You don’t need to do all kinds of running around either for this healthy food. Just go to your local grocery store, I like Market Basket. Shop the outer perimeter. Buy different types of meat, eggs, produce and herbs. Really pretty easy, no need for a big shopping list.

Now I know many people struggle with meal prep. Healthy food can be very simple to make. I have recipes that I have saved from Pinterest on this topic. This is a great way to try new foods and many times doesn’t cost a lot of money for the ingredients either. Just start off simple with 3 – 4 ingredients’ meals to get comfortable.    

My biggest food tip is keeping it really simple. Especially, when you are just starting out with a life style change. You want to have success in the food department. If you make it took complicated you will fail and go back to your unhealthy food choices. So just start with one meal and as you get comfortable with meal prep add another meal. Or make a large enough dinner so you can have left overs for lunch and potential breakfast.     

In the comment section leave me a recipe link for me to add to my Pinterest board.