I am so grateful

by Sue Nisbett
(Worcester, Ma)

I am one of those people that just has a lot of pain issues in many areas of my body. I dont expect miracles, Just maybe to be pain free for a little while after massage...(my favorite thing to do)
Last week i was a "body" for a class that Jess was attending. I loved hearing about the different things that the class wanted to try on me...and I was smiling because Jess had done most of them already.
The points I am trying to make is.

1. continuing education is necessary but not mandatory, yet Jess is always taking a class and sharing with her staff what she learned

2. obviously Jess knows her stuff if some of suggestions being made had already been tried.

After 2 visits, I can honestly say a problem that has been interfering in my life is almost 50% better. I am so grateful to have found this place.

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