Instant Migraine Relief

Instant migraine relief is something everyone who suffers from migraines is always looking for. 

A migraine can put halt a on your plans for a day or too. Many migraine suffers have to lay in bed in the dark with very little noise. And for many people who suffer prescription and over the counter meds only put a dent in their pain. Here are a few tricks to help you find what your head ache / migraine triggers are.

 Keep a food diary. And take notice on what you are eating the day before you have a migraine. Some of the common food triggers are processed food, sugar, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, dairy, etc .If you do find that there is a common food that you are eating that is giving you a migraine time to cut that food out of your diet. And for many women migraines tend to happen around the time of their menstrual cycle.

Stress and muscle tension in the neck and shoulders really exacerbates your pain. Your migraine gets the muscle in the neck and should tight and swollen, which make your migraine worse, which makes your poor muscle tighter. And around and around the pain cycle goes. You can go for a neck and should massage, but I would wait a day or 2 after your head ache starts. Massages are great for muscle tension, but when you are in an acute state of pain, too much work on your neck and shoulders can actually make your head feel worse. 

Another option for bodywork is craniosacral therapy (CST). CST is a very gentle manual therapy that helps the flow of your spinal fluid. And works on each bone of the skull. CST helps the body to be able to help its self. With some very minor adjustments to the bones of your skulls, people can leave a treatment pain free.  

If you do decide that massage/bodywork is the best way for you to help manage your pain. Ice your head and neck after a treatment. The ice will help to calm down the swelling of your soft tissue. And if you feel the ice isn't quite enough, put your feet in a bucket of warm water. This helps to get your blood flowing to other areas of your body. 

Migraines don’t have to take control of your life. A change in diet and stress levels maybe just what the doctor ordered. Instant migraine relief is something that can be achieved once you have learned your triggers.