The **itovi scanner is this great bio feed back hand held device I just invested into to help people pick what essential oils to use during their session and at home use. This is a great tool for me to help clients have a more personalized essential oil experience.

How does the device work? 

Itovi scanner is hand held and wireless. It connects to my phone with an app via Bluetooth. And much like a Fit Bit it can read the electrical impulses in your body. The software figures out your imbalances, and then gives suggestions for essential oils.

It takes a few minutes to set up a new client profile. You will need to add you contact information plus personal info such as height, weight and age. This is to make sure the program gives you the most accurate essential oil suggestions.

The essential oils are listed from most important to on going under lying issues.  

Is there a cost?

There is no extra cost to having a scan done. We just need to add about 15 minutes to your appointment for running a scan and going over your results before your massage. After your massage you will be able to go home with a roller bottle blend of the suggested essentials oils and the report can also be email to you for your records.

Your first blend will be FREE. If you would like to get scanned on a regular basis then the custom blends will be $15 - $25 depending on which essential oils are being used.

How often should I get a scan?

It’s suggested that you only get scanned every 2 – 4 weeks. This gives your body a chance to correct the imbalances.  

Does it just suggest essential oils?

Nope! You can pick to scan for just oils, only supplements or both. The choice is yours. 

Scanning my family 

I have been using this scanner a lot for my own personal use and it’s been amazing how accurate my results have been. The health of myself and my family has really improved since I have been doing monthly scans and sticking to the suggested oil routine.  

If you have any more questions about Itovi just go to my contact page to send me a message or ask away during your next massage!

Below is a YouTube video about the technology, enjoy.  

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