Lower Back Exercises

Improve your golf game with lower back exercises

9 or 18 holes today? Do I take the cart or do I walk? Do I just play 18 and suffer on the couch all today tomorrow? These are the burning questions that a lot of golfers have. For a lot of recreational golfers the sport that so post to be fun and provide stress relief can cause back pain.

The back pain that a lot of golfers feel is usually in the mid – low back on one side and it is from swinging the golf club. If you are feeling a lot of pain when you are playing, first have one of the club pros check your swing. Your back pain maybe caused by a bad swing. After you have had your swing check make sure you try some simple lower back exercises to help warm your low back and hips. There is a lot of walking in golf. You don’t want those hamstrings and hips getting tight on you that can also affect your game.

While you are playing, you can also rub arnica on the sore spot. Arnica is a great homeopathic remedy for muscle pain and strain.If you know your back is going to be tight and sore after a game, ice your back when you get home.

While you are watching TV keep and ice pack on the area for 20 minutes, then allow the area to warm back up to room temperature (20 minutes off). If are still having a hard time with your back pain, a deep tissue massage can do wonders. A focused deep tissue massage can really help to loosen up those tight muscles and get that achy, annoying knot in your back to go away once and for all.Your back pain doesn’t have to be the end of your golf game. Just follow these few simple tricks and you should be back playing 18 holes again in no time 100% pain free.