massage at work

Massages at work can be a great way to increase work productivity, break up the day, and prevent injury. But how does it really work? What are the steps that need to happen to bring in the wonderful outside services?

If you are an employee and this is a monthly service that you would like in your office here are some steps to make that happen. Your first stop needs to be the human resource department, they tend to be the ones who would put this type of service on the office calendar. Ask if chair massages were ever done and if so who was the provider? This can be a starting point on who to start contacting for quotes on how much it’s going to cost the company.

If in house massages have never been done before, then I would suggest arming yourself with lots of resources stating how chair massages at work make happy employees and reduce work related injuries. This info is going to give upper management a clear picture as to why this can be a great program to set in place.

And once you have the ok to start doing this and have a therapist in place, here's the easy part.Just get your massage ! The therapist will have a signup sheet. Pick your ideal time,most sessions are 15 minutes, and make sure not to get caught up in a work project. This is the best part of the day and you don’t want to miss out.      

If you have this program already in place in your office please take advantage of the many health benefits. You body and brain are going to be so happy that you took the time to take care of you. Enjoy this gift of health from your employer.