Massage Clinton

Do you live in Clinton, MA, but work near Worcester? Deep Relief Massage Therapy in West Boylston is on your way home.

Is your upper back and neck tired from working at your desk all day? Maybe you should think about getting a massage on your way home. If you call us at 774-261-8484 chances are we may be able to get you in on the same day or you can take a chance and stop in for a walk-in.The therapists at Deep Relief Massage Therapy are very qualified to take care of the tired back. We offer many different types of services from deep tissue, Swedish, Thai yoga massage, myofascial releases and craniosacral therapy just to name a few.The therapists at Deep Relief Massage Therapy would love to help you take care of your pain! We are about 20 minutes from the center of Clinton and we are about ½ miles from RT. 190 in Worcester.Isn’t it time that we take care of that tired, achy upper back and neck?