Massage Cream and oils
I like to use 

Massage cream, lotions and oils are my major tools of the trade. So many to pick from! Between brands, texture, end results! The possibilities are really endless.

Other the last 15 years I have done a ton of playing around what I like to work with and what’s going to help give my massage clients the best results from their session.

So I am about the share the method to my madness.

You will learn what I actually use in my massage sessions and why.

When I was in massage school we learned our massages with Bioton massage oil. That’s really the only product the school carried in the school store actually. And lets just say after a year in massage school my sheets looked and smelled pretty nasty! So off I went exploring for a better option.

I really learned what I liked and didn’t like from trading with other massage therapist. And I liked from a client experience massage cream. It didn’t leave me feeling all gross and slimmy after my massage and I always felt like the massage therapist working on me could get good grip when doing a deep tissue massage. After trying a few different brands of the years. I really like the Soothing Touch Balancing Massage Cream * . It’s unscented. Sits on the skin just long enough for deep work, doesn’t leave the client oily feeling. And the best part washes out of my sheets!   

Incase you are wondering I go through
2 ½ gallons of cream in a year.

Since I have been using essential oils for the past 2 years I needed to change what I use a little bit for that. Essential oils tend to break down cream too much. And I personally don’t like the workability of the massage cream after that happens. The best carrier oil for me is fractionated coconut oil * . It’s a light unscented oil. Absorbs into the skin at a good rate and washes out of my massage sheets fairly well when I add Borax to my laundry soap.

I do really like the fractionated coconut oil when working with my essential oils, but I felt like it needed a little more UMPH. So I mixed in castor oil. Castor oil *  is great for healing soft tissue damage and helps with inflammation. However you really can’t use it straight for massage. It’s a very thick oil and can be drying to the skin. The ration I like is 1 part castor oil to 4 parts fractionated coconut oil.

And there you have it. The why to the different cream and oils I use in my massages. Post me a comment if you have a question about massage oils and creams.  

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