Massage Etiquette:

Why you shouldn't
smoke before a massage

We all know smoking is bad for you, so I am not going to get into a lecture about the health risks of puffing on a cigarette. But I am more going to talk about the massage etiquette on smoking.

When people book a session at our office online in our office policy I ask people who are smokers not to smoke 30 minutes before their session or I reserve the right not to have one of my team members not to work on you and you will be charged for the session.

And I always getting a chuckle when people ask “Do people really smoke before they get massage”?

And the answer is yes they do!  

No offence to the smokers who are reading, but it is gross being in your personal space after you have taken a drag out of that last cigarette. Myself and my team members are all none smokers and many of the clients that visit us are non smokers. And when a heavy smoker leaves the office they leave an odor trail.

Here’s the thing, that cigarette odor is in your system not just on your hands and breath and when massage oil/cream/lotion is applied to your skin, the products brings all that out! So it gets into the sheets, air and on the massage therapists hands.

And when you leave that odor sticks around for  bit, in the warmer months the widows may need to be open up to air out the treatment room, so that the next client doesn't feel like they just stepped into a cigar bar.

So for all you massage clients who are smokers I ask you to please be respectful of your therapists and the other massage clients. Shower before your session and don’t smoke on the car ride over to the office either. Also smoking in front of the building is also not a good idea.

And on the flip side clients who are non-smokers have the right to ask if their massage therapist is a smoker. There is nothing worse than getting a massage as a non-smoker by a massage therapist who is a smoker.

Moral of the story the smell of cigarette smoke can really ruin the peaceful mood of a massage. So please use massage etiquette.