Massage Gift Card

Buying Tips 

A massage gift card is a wonderful gift for a loved one. There are a few things to keep in mind before you go and spend your hard earned money. You first need to know if the gift receiver even likes massage. I know, it’s hard to believe that there are people out there who don’t like massage. In my experience these gift cards go largely unused. It’s best to just let these people get interested into massage therapy on their own. Or another option is to offer to pay for the session. That way the person gets to pick whom they want to see on their own time table. Takes away the pressure of having to use a gift card.

Let’s say you know the person does get massages. I would suggest asking around who they like to see. People can be pretty picky about their massage therapist and it’s important to respect that. Many massage therapist sell their gift cards online now. So no worries about traveling. And if the gift card is out of your price point try to pool your money with other friends/family to help bring down your cost.

Another situation I also see come up with massage gift cards is the person likes massages and doesn’t care where they go. This can make your life a little easier. I just wouldn't buy a package of massages, even if there is a special going.  There is no guarantee that the gift receiver is even going to like the massage therapist for many different reasons. I would advise that you stick with a half hour or one hour massage for a potential new client.

Therapist also move around. For example if you buy a gift card at a multi therapist establishment that your loved one likes to go to. There is the risk their favorite massage therapist could move to another location. So again in that case I wouldn’t suggest buying a package.

Another really stress free way to buy gift cards is through Spa Week and Spa Finder. You but buy them at many locations such as CVS and Walmart. People can pick from many different businesses in their local area and you can use them for not just massage.

I hope you found these massage gift card buying tips helpful. If you have any questions about gift card buying just leave me a comment below. Or if you have any other suggestions about gift card buying.