Massage magazine insurance plus

Most states across the US require you to have massage liability insurance to be able to practice. And 2 of the biggest providers that a lot of schools promote to their students are: AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) and ABMP ( Associated Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals). Both are great organizations and both have done a lot to help forward the profession! But, the cost to join either for these organizations is around $240 a year. And you may not want to be active in one of these organizations or have no interest in the other services they offer.

And for new therapists to the field, this can be a lot of money when you add in the cost of getting your education, paying to get your license, paying to take a test. All this up front cost does add up even before you have a chance to make your first dollar. Not to mention CEU’s.

There are other options out there for your liability insurance. Here are my top 3 picks to take a look at:


Massage Magazine plus Insurance - $159

2 million in coverage, plus a website and a listing

Hands on Trade - $165

2 million in coverage

American Massage Council - $99

1 million in coverage