Massage tips for the client Who doesn't want to get Undressed

I have talked to a few people who would like to try massage therapy for the first time but are really nervous about getting undress. There are plenty of ways around this minor dilemma.

Many people are unaware that there are many forms of bodywork that don’t require you to take off your clothes and they are just as effective as the traditional Swedish or deep tissue massage. No need to have taking your clothes off stop you from getting bodywork.

So here are some massage tips for you to give a try.

A chair massage is done fully clothed in a special massage chair. And it’s usually no more than 30 minutes long. A perfect choice if you are in the middle of a work day and you don’t have to worry about getting your hair messed up or worry about oil getting on your clothes. And if you are lucky you maybe able to get a chair massage while at work!

Reflexology is extra special attention on those over worked tired feet and no need to get undressed either. Just have pants that you can easily roll up. It’s starts off with a nice foot soak then you get to relax on a reclining chair or massage table while the reflex points on your feet are being work on. You will leave this service with a brand new set of feet.

You can also have a clothed massage on the table. Especially for older or handicapped people, where getting undressed isn’t an easy task. Plenty of massage techniques can still be effective while the client is dressed.

And all types of energy work such as reiki and polarity are done while the client is remains dressed.

Here is a list of modalities where you can stay clothed.

And too many more to list !

 What's your favourite form of clothed bodywork ? Or do you have any massage tips for someone who maybe nervous about getting undressed? Leave me a comment below.