Money Blocks

For many years I have had such a money block. Making money has never really been an issue for me, it’s the managing part that I have struggled with since I was 21. I have never been able to get a handle of what my money was doing. I was always behind. Sound familiar? 

And as many of the tales go, I got myself into a lot of credit card debt along with buying a house I couldn’t afford. My husband and I really got ours wrapped up in keeping up with the Jones. That was a lot of work to keep that look up! 

After many years of trying to get my act together and always find myself in the same position. Being in that reactive survival money stress mode. I needed to try a new approach, and turned to meditation to help guide me to the core of my struggle. 

While in deep meditation I asked my spirit guides to help with my money block. NO FEEDBACK! They just did their normal cleanse that I ask for, which can happen from time to time.

It wasn’t until days later that while giving a massage my spirits spoke to me. They told me that I enjoyed all my money drama. But if I was REALLY willing to make a change they would guide me on how to pay down my debt. I was to do exactly what I was told, no questions asked. 

Talk about blind faith

Then I was given the exact amount  I was to pay on my debt plus a time frame to clean up my mess. That day I sent up those exact payments through my online banking. They were to be set up as a recurring payment. And in that same message I was also told to go to VT for Father’s Day weekend too (Why I needed to go away). Crazy right?!

I knew that I needed a lot of clear guidance and here it was. Being fed into my mind from above. I took that leap of faith and have done everything so far that has been asked of me. It has forced me to really pay attention to what I am spending my money on. Most of the extra money I make is going to pay down that debt. Which feels really good to get a handle of this monkey I have had on my back for so many years. 

It has only been a few months since I asked my Spirit Guides to help me with my money block so stay tuned for my progression. Post me a comment below about tips you have used to pay down your debt super fast.