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by Elaine Gardner
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Elaine Gardner

Nutrition Response Testing and Restorative Endocrinology:

A whole body healing approach. Many people have a wide variety of symptoms like digestive discomfort, fatigue, poor sleep, low energy, etc. While this is considered normal in our society, our bodies are not designed to operate this way. Symptoms are signs that the body is not functioning optimally and needs help. Our bodies are highly intelligent and are always doing the best they can given the circumstances and nutrients they have available to them. Giving the body what it needs, when it needs it, can change function (and symptoms) dramatically!

What is Nutrition Response Testing?
Nutrition Response Testing is a biofeedback technique that uses muscle testing, or applied kinesiology, to access information about the internal functions of the body. Contacting neurological reflexes and acupuncture points on the surface of the body that relate to the state of health in each organ, and function, of the body quickly and accurately identifies area’s that are not functioning optimally and need attention. It also detects interference factors such as heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity and food sensitivities that are limiting the body’s ability to function or heal properly. Healing needs are prioritized and a step by step healing process is initiated. It is an incredibly comprehensive, customized way of addressing what is happening in each individual’s body at any given time and for determining what is necessary to help restore proper function and provide ongoing wellness and preventative support.

A whole food and/or herbal supplementation program is designed specifically for your body’s changing nutritional needs, providing the raw materials the body needs to activate the healing process. Whole food supplements are real food, in their natural form, containing all of the vital components and enzymes that make them work synergistically in the body. These are nutrients you are not getting in sufficient quantities, or are not assimilating, in your current diet. It may seem hard to believe, at first, that nutritional deficiencies can even exist in this day and age of plentiful food. But, truth be told, much of our current food is sadly lacking in nutrients and overall nutritional value. The nutrition needed by our bodies to sustain health in a stressful and polluted word is more than most of us can eat. Our bodies need even greater amounts of nutrients for healing purposes. The Nutrition Response Testing protocols determine which products are the best for each individual at any given time during the healing process and the healing process is monitored to ensure maximum progress.

What is Restorative Endocrinology?
Restorative Endocrinology is a powerful adjunctive emphasis to the protocols of Nutrition Response Testing. Endocrinology is the study of hormones, their effects on the body and the organs which produce them while restorative means capable of renewing health or strength. In holistic Restorative Endocrinology, the body is evaluated as a whole with particular emphasis placed on understanding the highly interactive rhythms of hormones and what is needed to restore the endocrine system to proper balance and function. Hormones play a role and every body function and a balanced system is imperative to overall good health. Women are particularly vulnerable to experiencing unpleasant symptoms due to hormonal imbalances regardless of their age and whether they are menstruating or menopausal. Cramping, mood swings, irritability, hot flashes, mental fog, etc can be a thing of the past when hormone balance is restored. Even more difficult issues such as endometriosis, amenorrhea (absence of the menses) and many other conditions can be addressed with this comprehensive, cutting edge approach.

Most women are capable of achieving hormonal wellness and being free of hormonal imbalance and other symptoms, regardless of their age and current health condition. The bodies design is to be well! Proper lifestyle choices and natural healing protocols support the bodies amazing ability to heal itself. While healing requires commitment and persistence, the rewards are well worth the effort!!!

About Elaine Gardner

Elaine Gardner holds a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and has completed extensive training in Nutrition Response Testing, Restorative Endocrinology, whole food and herbal supplementation and whole food nutrition. She is continuously learning and applying new information and techniques to her practice so that she can provide the most efficient and thorough natural healing protocols. Elaine has recovered her own health utilizing the natural healing protocols she offers and is extremely grateful for the gift of healing!!! She is passionately committed to helping others find their way back to health and staying well! Elaine can be found at Healing Journey in Worcester, MA.

A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of all human blessings.
~ Hippocrates

Nutrition Response Testing in Worcester MA

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