Pain after a massage

Pain after a massage is probably one of the biggest reasons why people stop coming in for massages. Which is really too bad. Regular massage therapy has so many health benefits. But you can have pain after a session. There are a few tips and tricks that you can do at home to help lessen your after massage pain.

Drink plenty of water all the time not just after a massage. Hydrated muscles will recover faster and are less likely to get sore. You muscles need water too in order to move and function properly. Loading up  the water after your massage is too late, they are already working over time to recover.

Take a nice warm epsom salt water bath. Epsom salt is great for healing muscle pain and bruising. And you can also add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the bath salts for even more muscle healing power.

Ice the area that is sore. This will help to stop the active inflammation. Ice helps to calm down the over active body so it has a chance to reset and rest. Keep the ice pack on for 20 minutes and off for 20 minutes.

Gentle stretches to the area that is sore can help loosen the tight area. This will help to get blood flow to the tight muscle so it will start to heal a little faster.

And last but not least tell the massage therapist that you were sore afterwards. Adjustments can be made to your session to help reduce the chances having pain after a massage. This is an important thing for clients to speak up about. Also if the massage is painful while it’s happening them you as the client need to ask for lighter pressure. There is no need to suffer, when you should be relaxing.

Sometimes being sore after a massage is inevitable. But if you follow these simple at home tricks, you will be as good as new within a few days.