Post Surgery 
How to reduce your chances
of long term pain 

Sometimes in life surgery is a must. But this option should never be taken lightly. And there are some very important post surgery body changes that you need to be aware of.

A surgeon's job is to fix your problem and put you back together. And for a lot of people fixing that problem is only half the battle. Something you need to keep in mind. There is no way a surgeon is going to be able to put you back together the way God made you. Just slight micro changes in the placement of your soft tissue (skin, muscle, tendons,etc) can cause some challenging recovery for patients.

Yes the surgery may have taken away the old pain, but post surgery you may find yourself with some new pain due to the changes in your soft tissue and forming scar tissue as well. But have no fear, there is hope!

The medical community is always learning new techniques to make surgery less invasive. Surgeons now understand the less you cut into the tissue the faster and more effective recovery it is for the patient.

Here are some tips to help speed up your recovery to help you on the road to be pain free for a long, long time. If your doctor tells you to go to PT, do it ! Going to PT is going help reduce your post surgical scar tissue from forming. Scar tissue that isn’t addressed early can cause a lot of pain down the road.

Doing some light exercise after your PT and doctor gives you the ok. Activities such as gentle yoga and swimming can really help to loosen up that scar tissue.

And about 6 weeks post surgery you should be in the clear to get a massage. Some massage therapy around your incision will again help to loosen up that scar tissue and help to reduce your chances of long term pain. Massage therapy will also help to reprogram your soft tissue, so that 6 months down the road you won’t be suffering from “new pain”.

Do you have any after surgery tips that you would like to share? Please leave me a comment and don’t forget to share with someone who may need some post surgery tips.