Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is very common among people who have experienced a traumatic life event(s). It can really affect everything in your daily life. Some people can’t even go to work to function in normal society. The emotional scarring runs deep. Sounds, smells and emotional feelings are common triggers  to a panic attack.

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a wonderful and very gentle therapy that can help with the physical effects of PTSD. CST helps the client to become aware one is holding that emotional baggage. Memories don’t just stay in the brain they become a part of your whole nervous system. These holding patterns can and will create pain in the body. Such as chronic headaches and stomach issues.

If craniosacral therapy interest you, it’s important to take this over with your mental health professional first. He/she is going to best if trying other types of therapy is a good option for you.

What to expect?

This is a clothed session where you will be face up on a massage table. There is light touching about the weight of a nickel. If you have issues of physical touch it’s important to bring that up first. That way adjustments to the session can be made. We want to have a pleasant experience, especially for the first session.

This type of session is going to work on releasing the block in the cerebral spinal fluid starting from the tail bone all the way up to the brain. Many people don’t get the full spinal column and head within the first few sessions. This shouldn’t be rushed and it gives the body a chance to heal and readjust on a neurological level . If you are really tight and block you may not feel anything during the session. This is pretty common till you learn how to open up the spinal column with the deep relaxation of the session.

Now because we are going on bring the nervous system back into balance that may bring up a wave of emotion. Crying and screaming is usually what happens. It’s ok if this happens but we don’t want these emotions to get too carried away. Many times this is apart of resetting of your nervous system we need to be mindful that is isn’t a talk therapy session.

Craniosacral therapy is meant to bring balance and peace back into the body so that you can have success with PTSD on a physical level.