Self Care

Routine I use to stay pain FREE

Self care is a big part of what I teach my massage clients. I want people to get the best results out of their massage session with me. One of the biggest questions I get asked is how to I don’t care of myself. I see about 20-25 clients a week so it’s important that I stay pain free as much as possible.  So here are some of the tools that I use.

I love going to the chiropractor! I spend a lot of my day applying weight to my forearms, which can cause neck and shoulder issues. Getting adjustments helps to keep my neck into good aliment, so I don’t get wrist issues down the road. I also can get lower back/SI joint issues from leaning over the table.

I am a big fan of yoga. I have been practicing almost daily for 15 years. I do a lot of arm and shoulder postures to help keep my upper body strong and stable. Spinal twists with a bind, wrings out my back and gets my shoulders along with my pectoral muscles open. With me leaning over so much I do extra stretches to keep my chest open.  I also like to do different hips openers because of an old knee injury. I want to keep that knee scare tissue as limber as possible.

I do get monthly bodywork from different practioners. I like to do different things. Sometimes I am in the mood for energy work. Or I just need a relaxation massage to help chill out my mind. And deep tissue work if I am feeling extra tight. I like to change up who I am seeing based on my needs for the month.   

Daily meditation over the past year has been a wonderful addition to my self care. I spend a lot of time guiding people on their wellness journey. And that can take a toll on my spirit. Nightly meditation helps me to just let go and be in the moment. It’s not emotionally healthy for me to take on everyone’s challenges. The meditation has taught me how to leave work and work. Plus I am sleeping better and have much clearer thinking.

Diet plays a big role too. You are what you eat. I have cut out a ton of processed food. Very little dairy, I do like my morning coffee. Yes I do eat meat, LOVE IT! I actually don’t do well on a vegetarian/vegan diet. I get a lot of headaches when I don’t eat enough animal protein. During the summer months I grow a vegetable garden. And eat lots of raw vegetables along with animal protein.

So there you have it. A brief idea on my self care routine, so I can keep taking care of all my wonderful massage clients.