Sober in the Sun

Over the Labor Day weekend I had a chair massage booth at Sober in the Sun. The event was held at the Boy Scout Camp in Rutland, MA. This was such a fun event to work! I got to listen to some great local bands, meet some great people and enjoy the beautiful weather.

What is Sober in the Sun?

This yearly event is held to help support and celebrate people who are recovering from a drug and alcohol addiction. Friday – Monday there are meetings and workshops all about sober living. Most people get a camp site and stay for the weekend. But you can just go for the day.

In attention to the workshops there is a band playing somewhere and there are food and retail vendors around the main stage.

And because there is no drugs or drinking allowed it is a great place to bring the kids. They have a life guard on duty for swimming and many craft activities for the kids. The older ones can also join in a volley ball tournament or try their hands on some horse shoes.

Even though all this camping and dancing around is great fun, your body does start to ach after a while. That where I came in. I had many people with sore necks and backs from sleeping in a tent. And all they needed was a 10 – 5 minute tune up to keep going on with the rest of their day, many of these campers I saw every morning just to get through the weekend. Which was great, my massage chair was almost never empty. And even while on breaks I always had people flagging me down asking if I was free.

I am so thankful that I had a chance to be a part of this event. And hopefully I will be invited to join the fun again next year. Until then stay healthy and sober one day at a time.

Have you been to Sober in the Sun? Please post a comment below and share you experience at this event.

The pictures on the right are the view from my chair massage booth at sun set.

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